e-account FAQ

Q1. What is e-account?

e-account enables our customers to manage various on-line services, such as:

  • Access to eBills, where you can:
    • check your six latest bills and payment history for the last 6 months through the Internet
    • manage bills of different products with one single login name
    • retrieve call details and/or call history such as IDD calls
  • View or check Account and Service Profile through e-account, anytime and anywhere
  • Enjoy on-line application with a few key strokes
  • Access to various on-line services with a single login name
Q2. How to register for an "e-account" account?

Please go to our website: http://e-account.threebb.com.hk

Q3. Is there any charge to use "e-account" service?

Our "e-account" service is free of charge.

Q4. How can I my check eBill for an "e-account" account?

After you have logged on your "e-account" account, choose "Bill and Payment" from "Accounts and Services" where you can check your six latest bills and payment history for the last 6 months.

Q5. Can I check details of unbilled items as well?

You can check the unbilled usages of your "IDD0080" and "Fixed Broadband" services anytime. Simply log on your "e-account" account, choose "Bill and Payment" from "Accounts and Services", and then click "Usage Enquiry" to view relevant information*.

Q6. Why is it necessary to provide an email address while registering for an "e-account" account?

The email address provided will be used for new password arrangements whenever reset password requests are made. Additionally, if you prefer, you can receive product updates and offers through this email address.

* Enquiry results of the usages are only approximations of actual usage/connection time. They should be used as a reference only. All charge items should be referred to your monthly bill.


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